"We have just ten years left."

Dr. Bill Norton

It's been one year since those six words were spoken and chaos erupted worldwide. Formed in response to the global outcry, the Humanity Survival Group gathered the world's greatest minds to do the impossible.

How do we survive our sun going supernova?

This is the ultimate question, one for which there is no easy answer. This is a monumental task in uncharted territory. Nothing we are about to do has ever been attempted before, and if we are not successful, ever be attempted again.

The HSG is constantly looking for the right people to join us in this enormous task. No matter your background, you can visit your local HSG office or simply click here to take the aptitude test. You could very well be the person we are looking for!

It's time to go!

Focus Areas

There are six main areas we are targeting, but we do not have enough resources to give them all the attention they deserve. Each is vitally important in its own way, but we simply don't have the time or the man hours to accomplish everything.


Tasked with finding new ways of getting as many people off-planet as possible, the Evac Group is tasked with inventing, designing and implementing new ways of getting people off this planet.


The nearest habbitable planet is prohibitively far away. For this to work we need to develop a better way to travel through space.


We are attempting the impossible, constructing an interstellar ark in less than 10 years. New cybernetic technology is being developed every day to help us in this endeavor.


A large group of people traveling in close quarters has historically been a disaster. The Med Group is looking to change that. We've seen incredible advances in human stasis over the past year.


Passengers will already be under an immense amount of stress. Nothing short of stasis will abate that. Digitally archiving as much information will do wonders for the human psyche.

Distress Beacon

Probability dictates that we are not alone. If this gamble does not pay off, we at the HSG want to make sure that humanity is not forgotten. Construction of a distress beacon array has already begun.

Tiny Starship



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