The Final Countdown

We know that we have 10 years left give or take a few months. One year has passed and a lot has already been accomplished. The Interstellar Ark, the EOS, has been designed and construction is already under way. People have begun migrating up to the preparation areas. A lot more has yet to be done.

Current News

Countdown Begins

End of Days

Dr Bill Norton announced his findings after spending five years studying strange readings from the Sun. The news was so overwhelming that people started counting down the time we had left.

Day 3652

Formation of the HSG

The Humanity Survival Group was founded just five days after the announcement. Formed by some of the most innovative people on Earth, its goal was to develop an evacuation plan for the entire planet.

Day 3647

The Earthquake of 3566

Early in the morning of Day 3566 a massive earthquake stuck the American Midwest. Included among the missing was a large portion of the advanced propulsion team. The remaining members carried on valiantly in their memory.

Day 3566

Loss of the Venture

At 9:52 a.m. on Day 3412 the Venture exploded eight minutes after launch. 386 people were lost that day, forever remembered in the Venture Memorial built on the EOS's observation deck.

Day 3412
Construction Complete

EOS Construction Complete

The EOS is scheduled to be completed two years prior to launch, plenty of time to address any issues that come up.

Day 730
Launch Day

Launch Day

Humanity's last chance at survival depends on countless variables, the most difficult being the timeline. If we have any chance of this working, we have to launch on Day 0.

Day 0